We are the ones behind the scenes, running the show and yelling ‘action

Our team is made up innovators and big-thinkers. And that makes all the difference.
The iCorporate team is here to help you take flight without a single bump along the voyage. We are fully bilingual, and we offer services for both English and Spanish speaking companies based in North America, South America and the Caribbean.


Alberto Cortes

Chief Trouble maker

Maria Alejandra Balladares

Arts & Crafts Master

Diana Lopez

Director of Brainstorming Operations

Maria Piegari

Ringleader of Adobe concepts

Carolina Rincon

Digital paint brush master

Luis Villalpando

Dream creator

Raul Garcia

Social Guru master


These brands aren’t trophies, they’re friends
we’ve met on our journey

You Dream it,
We Create it
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